Mod Your Truck with Diamondback Diesel

Your truck is an impressive engine, a work vehicle that can handle the tough jobs, transporting heavy equipment or pulling heavy loads, or helping to accomplish important deliveries.


But the average truck can be even more with the right post-factory performance gear. Even relatively small additions and alterations can supercharge performance, boost torque, perfect a fuel/air mixture, and generally optimize what you get out of your vehicle. We’ve seen it firsthand, and that’s why we built this winning e-commerce store where you can get the gear to pump up your truck’s power. 


At Diamondback Diesel, we have the goods to help you pull off these types of customizations for modding that truly adds to your truck’s functionality.


Performance Kits


Here’s where you look at things like your fuel mixture and air intake, to see if your truck can benefit from these types of changes for better performance. You may already have kind of a general idea of this, but a quick trip to our web site will show how this works in more detail. 


Again, an engine is a complex piece of technology. It’s too tempting for people who don’t think about this a lot to just say that an engine has the specs that it comes with from the factory. That’s not really the whole story, and the reality is that an engine operates based on all of its inputs, all of its specific pieces of gear, and all of the alterations that are made to it. That’s a good reason to think about post-factory alterations. 


Oil Analysis Kits


Think of your oil as a vital sign for your engine. Oil analysis kits go further to help you learn more about how your engine is working, and how to perfect it. “Truck forensics” help you to optimize your engine performance in important ways. 


Anti-Theft Systems


Make your truck a rolling fortress with additional anti-theft technology. Today’s systems are highly sophisticated and can repel even the cleverest thieves. Safeguard your investment in your customized truck with excellent factory quality parts and systems that will stand the tests of time.

We partner with manufacturers like AEM Induction Supplies and Diamond Eye to offer high-quality products that will help you to enhance your truck’s performance and not compromise it. When it comes to modern or customizing a truck, you don’t want inferior or low-quality parts – that’s what the aftermarket industry has gotten a bad rap for. Steer your way to Diamondback Diesel for the kinds of excellent gear that you need.