Diamondback Performance: This Snake’s Ready to Rattle!

This snake’s ready to rattle. We have the specialized aftermarket performance gear that you’re after when you want to outfit your diesel truck with alterations to inject power into your ride, impress your friends and neighbors, and roar down the road. 

Check out some of our most interesting options for optimal performance and power, and how we help vehicle owners to supercharge their engines with cutting-edge technology based on factory-direct design. You’ll be surprised at what kind of results you can get from just some minor additions. 

Customized Air Intake Systems

Our air intake kits can boost your horsepower and torque by offering new ways to promote better airflow. You’ll be surprised how much premium airflow changes your performance, and how this feels when you’re behind the wheel. Something this simple can revolutionize your fuel injection system to offer more road-pounding power and a loud and proud engine that will get attention on the street. Here’s how we describe our Momentum HD model: ‘designed using the most up-to-date engineering tools and techniques to provide you with the perfect blend of power and protection. This intake system is superior in every way.’ The best intake on the market? You bet. 

Flash Programmers for OBD-II

Not to worry – we also have customized options to optimize your engine computer system. Today’s vehicles are highly computerized, and that’s why we include our flash programmers with tune files that will bring digital power into play. Just plug these into your OBD-II port and you can get your truck a shot in the arm based on micromanaging tuning settings for the road ahead. A big backlit display makes this thing easy to read. Get help with high-speed data logging and monitoring, DTC trouble codes, dual analog inputs, and more. 

Oil Analysis Kits

The oil analysis kits that we offer have more to do with assessing engine health and protecting engines from sludge and contaminants. Look for dangerous items like soot, fuel dilution or glycol, which tends to break down engine systems over time. Read more on the web. Using our oil analysis kits, you can stay ahead of these issues and others to make sure your truck is performing well.

That’s just part of what we offer. You can browse all of our kits for model years and call us with any questions. You own a great truck – why not give it a boost? Gearheads love our shop for a reason. We are in the business of performance and power!